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  • Full window cleaning from INSIDE & OUT

  • Domestic & Business Packages available

  • Trained experts with decades of experience

  • Window frame and seal detailing

  • Premium service for affordable price

Window cleaning should be a necessity in your home and business. Your windows are the gateway to your home and business being filled with light and opening your space to become more serene. Clean windows make your home look bigger and naturally de-stress you and lower your anxiety. It is also imperative that your business always look presentable in order to attract customers and provide a healthy working environment for your employees. Your home or business can be spotless from the inside but if the windows are dirty, then the space will never look perfect. A simple short spell of rain or dust storm can ruin the whole environment and aesthetics of your home and business. Sparkling Windows Cleaning Services is the bridge that will enable you to achieve the home or business you long for.


Our window cleaning service is completely bespoke which means we clean all things glass. No matter how high, low or difficult to access, we can clean it! We use specialised tools and expertise to tackle the tough stains that have built up for years as a result of the weather conditions in Dubai. The combination of sand and extreme heat builds up and damages glass and therefore it is vital to upkeep your glass.


Our team is highly experienced, efficient and reliable and will leave your home and business sparkling and brand-new. It is common to under-estimate the extent of work required to renew your windows, but our team will provide you with a full bespoke estimate before the work begins. Furthermore, we offer weekly and monthly packages at discounted prices for your home and business to maintain its beauty.


Contact us now for your free assessment and quotation.

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