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We have a trained team of full-time employees and a fleet of vehicles to provide our clients with prompt, courteous and personalized window cleaning service. Our window cleaners have decades of window cleaning experience and have been trained in all aspects of providing a quality finished product, while maintaining a clean and safe work environment.


As a British company, our business model is customer centric and we aim to provide the best service possible, in that we ensure that our tools shed is always up to date with the latest the market has to offer. Providing commercial window washing to our valuable clientele, we provide high rise window cleaning, midsized and low-rise window washing for buildings, getting the job done to perfection is what we aim at. This means we get around corners and do not miss a spot.


It is important for us to get to an initial assessment of your home windows and facade in order for us to choose from a wide range of tools, choosing only what is necessary to bring out the best we begin achieving that crystal clean look for you. Whether it be your private home or an office space, we do not consider any window cleaning job too small or too big for us to handle. Placing your trust in our British work ethic means we give you our undivided attention, exceptional quality work and all that at affordable prices as well.


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